Johnnie and Weeds return to New York City from L.A. having parted ways with original guitarist Mickey Mess and drummer Chris Madl. There had been an ugly fallout between the band and singer Carol Marrujo a few months earlier. (Yes, Star star originally had a girl singing. They recorded three songs and played in L.A. for a year or so with Carol.)
      Guitarist Kane Dailey joined the band just as the recording of "Go Go Girls" was ending. He only got to do three tracks however being that Johnnie had already done the guitars on the album. Johnnie still says that Kane is the best guitar player he has ever played with. Darcy Drash was the drummer on "Go Go Girls". Deon joined Star Star after the recording of the album. Former guitarist Mickey Mess plays rhythm guitar on six of the songs and former drummer Chris Madl also appears on two tracks.

the original "Go Go Girls" promo shot
weeds, kane, johnnie, deon
The very first Star Star band was:
Carol Marrujo - vocals
Mickey Mess - guitar
Chris Madl - drums
Johnnie Holliday - guitar, vocals
Weeds - bass