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Glam rock - Yesterdayland Fashion-Synopsis of the '70s rock sub-genre examines the various fashions associated with its followers and practitioners
Alchemy Gothic Online Store-Alchemy Gothic (Gothic Jewellery), Alchemy Poker (Heavy Metal Band Merchandise) and Alchemy Spirit(Mayan and Tribal) jewelry and gifts. We also have a very large range of Pewter Tankards, Flasks and Gifts.
Punk Rock Clothing
- Too Fast offers brand name clothing and band merch for all ages.
1928 - Jewlery.
Abracadaver's Guide to Makeup - Makeup tips.
Amphigory - Jewlrey, Accessories, Makeup, and Magick!
Alcatraz - Gothic store in Den Haag.
Alchemy Gothic - Pewter and Silver jewlery.
Alienskin Clothing - Uk store selling a wide range of Gothic clothing and accessories in sizes 6 to 26. Ships worldwide. FAQ
Amphigory - carries magick tools and books. Also carries gothic cosmetics, jewelry, wigs and hair dye.
Angel Clothing-an independent gothic & alternative clothing shop based in Portsmouth, England.
antibabe - Interesting and ocassionally vulgar clothing. -
Anuska - Period wear and accessories in English or French. - featuring alternative, punk, gothic, tribal, and other designs on regular and babydoll t-shirts.
art & Body - colors on living canvas.
Art of Dark - German store offering clothing jewlrey, makeup, boots and more.
Atrocities - On-line catalogue.
AsyluM GothiC ClothinG
Athena Clothing -Cyber-Fetish,PVC,Latex.
Axovus -leather bracelets, chokers, fetish/bondage gear, chainmail and industrial jewelry, photography, music, essential oils and all around dark things.
Bad Attitude - Fetish wear.
Bake Me into Your Pah! Body Jewelry. Everything from belly button barbells to large gauge piercing jewelry. piercing articles and info as well.
Batgear Beyond - More links to stores.
Bat Jewelry - various bat items.
The Bats Meow-Alternative fashions for alternative kids. A growing line of goth, punk and alternative clothing and accessories for children age 8 and younger. A limited number of items for adults and older kids are available on the site or by special order. - Custom corsets, skirts, dresses, and other clothing for women, men and children.
The Black Rose - Over 1100 garments, accessories and cosmetics available on this web site.
body jewelry shopping .com-Wholesale manufacturer, exporter of fashion and body jewellery to distributors around the world from our base in Bangkok Thailand.
bodylanguage  - Lingerie,swimwear,night wear,clubwear,adult fantasy wear plus adult toys and novelies.
Bomb  - Fashion and Clothing - Italy.
Bone Church - Gothic Clothing, Boot, Shoes, & Accessories by Jeannie Nitro.
Breast Form FAQ
BS by FOK -original designs by Fokion byketrash
Corporate Goth - Help on dressing for the world of the corporate slave.
Corset Wear & Care
click and ddrag - click and drag new yorks only weekly fetish dressed shows of the best alternative clothing. dress fetish latex leather cyber drag gothic
Conture rubber Amsterdam
Chainlink Addiction - Fetish, Punk, Bondage, Gothic and Industrial attire.
Chainmail and More - Chainmail accessories and undies at pretty good prices.
Chatte's Ruelle - Strerling and semi-percious jewelry catalogue.
Cornerstone - Cruelty free goth. Hair dye, makeup, jewelry, stickers, home decor and more.
the Crypt - Gothic and fetish clothing, corsets, and accessories from Winnipeg, Canada.
la Chateau Exotic - Fetish wear and corsets.
Coemeterivm - Gothic and fetish clothing, jewelry, and stargazer products in Rome, Italy.
Cryoflesh - Cyber-goth and Cyber-punk clothing & accessories.
Cyberdog - Online store for Cybergoths
Dane 3001 - Futurewear for the ladies, up cybergoth.
The Dark Angel - High quality gothic/fantasy apparel.
Dark Emporium, The - supplies a range of gothic decadence items including jewellery, houseware, lighting, clothing, and more.
DICIB? (Does it come in black?)-design studio in Calgary, Alberta specializing in dream-worthy couture clothing and unique punk/goth/cyber influenced ready-to-wear club/street/business casual clothing for men and women.
Delphina - An assortment of fetish clothes, shoes wigs and makeup.
Desert Punk - Bad attitude delivered worldwide
Desire Clothing - Canadian Gothic Clothing.
Devious Wigs-Colorful hair, glitter, glam and fun!
Divinity Designs
Doll Factory - Clothing, accessories, wigs, shoes, vintage, corsets, and costumes.
Dollirium - Interesting fetishy clothing.
Dragonfly Design - Interesting assortment of period and fantasy accessories.
Early History of Goth by Pete Scathe
Elly's Fetish Links - Excellent collection of fetish links.
edeadshop-Officially Licensed Grateful Dead, Phish, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Santana, Pink Floyd, Woodstock t-shirts and tie dyes for adults kids and babies. clothing is the latest evolution from The "Galactic Sludge" clothing line. Explore a new realm of T-shirts, cyber gear,armor,and accessories contributing to a post-apocalyptic era we must embrace. Explore our vast wasteland of corrosive fashion.
Enigma Fashions - gothic, renaissance, and Victorian influenced, and custom made clothing.
Faeryn's Groove - Clothing, accessories, art, corstes, etc.
fairygothmother-Gothic, alternative and fetish clothing. PVC,velvet, fishnet, corsets, cloaks, capes and on off items.
Fallen Angel - Detailed catalog.
Fetish-n-Leather - Fetish fashions with an attitude.
Frankie B. fashions
Freyagushi- free shipping worldwide for all decadent babes,spaces kitties,fruits lolitas and soon sick boys. Strange doolhoop shapes,raverbrigth colors mixed with plastic,fluffy funky fur,and a special hello kitty cateogry with rare collectible fabrics! All clothing are made to measure,plus sizes,TV,Ts and extravagant custom order are welcome.
Funhouse- Funhouse supposedly specializes in generic Rock & Roll gear, but virtually everything is jam-packed with morbid and arcane imagery.
Futurstate - Pure Fashion Destruction. Dark and deviant futurist club gear for girls and boys.
Gaelyn Designs Latex & Rubber Couture - providing high quality, custom Garments made from Latex and Recycled Bicycle Innertubes.
Gallery Serpentine
Gargoyles Clothing - "Purveyors of all things Dark"
Good - specializes in Goth clothing, hair dye, footwear, stickers, jewelry, cosmetics, and other accessories.
Goth Auctions-free online auction site for gothic clothing and accessories
Goth Central
Gothic Fashion...Old School Style - Message boards for devotees of traditional Gothic Fashion, with discussion on other topics as well in seperate boards.
Gothic Guide to Nail Care
Gothic Haven-Plus size gothic clothing and corsets
Gothic Ltd.
Gypsy Moon
Gothic Martha Stewart web - 800 items of jewellery available.
Grey Sterling's Self-Service Mortuary - Makeup tips, advice, and links.
Guide to Synthetic Hair Extensions - *THE* hair extension Bible.
Hair Police
Heavy Red-gothic clothing for men & women. Dark & wickedly beautiful noir clothing designs.
HeebeeJeebeeS - Gothic clothing,P.V.C., jewelry, make-up, incense, and custom designs.
History of the Corset
House of Dra - Interpretations of classical medieval designs from Europe and Asia with a sixties touch.
House of Harlot - Fetish fashion.
How Cool Footwear - Affordible shoes and boots.
How to Make a Victorian Corset
How to make an Elizabethan Corset
Ians- One of the oldest and best stage and club wear stores in New York City
Incarnadine Ltd. - Gothic and alternative clothing, accessories and soft toys hand made in Scotland
International Association of Rubberists - An active adults-only online community for those with a fetish for fashions in latex, rubber and PVC.
Ipso Facto - Gothic Clothing, Jewelry, beads and more.
Iris Noir Boutique-online store selling Gothic clothing from Lip Service, Heavy Red, Shrine of Hollywood, Jeannie Nitro & more.
K;ream - Magazine and boutique for UK small and up and coming designers.
Karen Doll - Sexy baby doll dresses, club wear, and unique casual apparel that are custom made.
Kate's Clothing-UK based website offering alternative, goth, gothic, punk, latex and PVC clothing. Exclusive own designs.
Kentucky Woman - one of the world's largest on-line fetish clothing web sites
Kewl -one of the leading online t-shirt stores, offering fans of alternative fashion, classic rock apparel and cult rock merchandise an affordable and safe e-shopping destination
Kobra-La - Clothing of the Gods - High contrast style.
Kurt Veith - Metal collars, bras, masks, etc.
Lady B Wear-online store, selling lingerie & clothing ranging from goth, punk to sultry.
Last Chance Saloon, The - gothic attire for dark twisted deviants and fetishette freaks.
Leatherworks - Gothic, fetish and period clothing, shoes and accessories.
Lee Higgs Photography - Alternative fashion through the unique lens of Lee Higgs. Latex, leather, and street fashions.
Lee's Mardi Gras-Serving the drag and crossdressing communities since 1969.
Llinley Price-alternative tie dye t-shirt, some darker dyes, hand made wearable art.
Lip Service - An old standard in roc, gothic & alternative clothes.
LisaJewelr - Ecclectic bead and collage jewlery.
Luna & Solara - Masks.
Mandala - Belly dancing Clothing and Jewelry.
Marche Noir - A huge online catalog from Canada.
Mechanical Bunny-This little boutique gathers together items from some of the web's best clothing and DIY designers. Clothing for Uber Goths, Punks, Hippys, EGL addicts, and 50's lovers. Wide array of accessories to help spruce up your outfits too. Soul supplies include Hindu/Buddhist statuary, tarot decks, and pentacle-bedecked altar tools, Spiritual books and journals, and more is on the way for music and games. One-Stop Online Shop with Gear for your Body, Mind, and Soul!
Merchant of Venice - Leather masks.
Miaaow Glamour Lingerie -nylon wear inspired by 60's b-grades and pulp-fiction cover dames. motel peepshow style site
Midian Online - A group of artisans that sell t-shirts, fangs, chainmail, jewelry, glassware and more.
Misumi - Orginal Cyber, punk, gothic and rockabilly clothing at nice prices.
Morbid Outlook - Online Zine with an interesting style section.
Morganna - Specializes in victorian velvets, frock coats, rubber and PVC.
Morgana Femme Couture-Custom Goth and Fetish Corsets
Morticia - Gothic clothing, boots and accessories form Helsinki, Finland.
Nails Of The Month
NERO Emporium - Period corsets, clothing, armor and bracers.
Nerve Damage Designs-Cyber goth clothing and club wear that is cripplingly stylish in all its original designs.
New Rock Boots & Shoes - Simply some of the coolest and best made shoes and boots in the world.
The Official Wicked Hair Dyeing Page
Obscuria - Orlando-based online store for Alchemy Gothic jewelry,occult/esoteric literature,stained glass art,gothic home decor, tribal masks & carvings, obscure cinema, gothic clothing and accessories, museum reproductions, metaphysical tools.
Omenclothing - designer and manufacturer of men's and women's gothic, tribal, bondage, cyber, and PCV clothing.
Ophelia's Closet - offers gothic, fantasy, and renaissance clothes for men and women including wedding and formal evening gowns, romantic lace dresses, plus sizes, jewelry, and makeup.
Pale Court, The - sells gothic attire
Pagan Playground
Parrish Relics - Victorian style jewelry.
Passiongear - 3D Interactive Fetish & Glamour store.
Patricia Fields - Patricia Field, in it's heyday, was the ultimate in rave and drag queen gear. This reputation still somewhat stands, though the store has more items suited to the gothic and industrial crowd than ever before.
Pendragon Gothic - On-line Shop selling Alchemy Gothic Jewelry and giftware products in the US. Specializing in alternative fashions for Goths and alike. Latest accessories and clothing.
Pennangalan Dreams - Serious Goth/Fetish Shoes and Boots
Phaze - Designing clothing and accessories since the late 1970's influenced by new wave and punk.
Plastik Wrap - Cyber Trash fasions for the present futuristic and cyber goth clothing, accessories, and home decor. - Fun fashion accessories for punk, rave, hardcore and more.
Purple Stain-UK Based Alternative Fashion store Stokists of Manic Panic, Lip-Service, The Suicide Girls and CBGB
The Queen's Closet - Medival and medival costume clothing that even can be worn day to day.
Red Haze - offers punk, gothic, and alternative clothing and accessories, including, studded belts, wristbands, makeup, and chokers.
Religious Sex - Gothic and Fetish clothing and accessories. - club wear and punk rock clothing. Concert t-shirts, fishnet see through clothes, screen printed skirts and dresses.
Retail Slut - !
Road Rash Rubber-rubber clothing designer
The Rock Matrix Company Ltd.-specialising in Goth/Rock/Metal/Alt music and the lifestyle surrounding the alternative music scene.
Rock Rags-Modern clubwear, punk fashion clothes rock, catalogue concert t-shirts and much more clothing punk like rock gothic vintage tees 80's styles.
Rose ad Mortem, A - specializes in dark romantic/gothic apparel. 
Rose and Thorn - Unique and affordable Gothic, Fetish, Renaissance garments, including plus sizes.
Sacred Heart - Original, funky rubber wear.
Sad Machine-Altrna / Goth clothing line. Tattoo designs on T-shirts, stickers, and buttons
Salty Girl Design
Scailles-cyber fashions from around the globe
Scarface Clothing-Underground apparel
Serious Clothing -  We're hell bent for glamour!
Serpentine - Leather clothing and Masks Xena would be proud to wear.
Shrine - Gothic clothing store.
Six Feet Under - Easy D.I.Y. projects.
Skin Two - Fabulous fetish wear, rubber and PVC.
Soho's brand clothing & accessories as well as Death Kitty, Hell Bunny and Criminal Damage. Punk Baby section. UK site shipping all around the world.
Something Spooky - Horror inspired jewelry, classic monsters you can wear!
Soul-Flower: cool hippie fashion - Cool retro and patchwork hippie clothes for free thinking girls & boys.
Spider's Web-offers gothic clothing for men and women including vinyl clothing, fishnet and striped tights, platform boots, and more.
Squidpump-Gothic, Punk and Fetish shoes to outfit you for all your dark adventures
Starkers - Corsets and clothing.
Steel DeSade - Interesting fetish accessories.
Subcultural - online retailer of gothic clothing for girls.
SubCulture Array - offers a variety of clothing, jewelry, accessories, and housewares with a gothic flavor for women, men, and others.
Sunshine Daydream-Hippie General Store that has tie dye for everyone, patchwork and other hippie clothes and incense.
Sunspot Designs
Sweet Sensations International Ltd - International suppliers of Satin, Lace, Soft Leather & PVC lingerie, club wear, stiletto & platform shoes, boots, stockings & tights.
Synth-tec Productions - gothic, cyberpunk, fetish, and rave clothing and accessories.
Taissa Lada - Designer corsets, clothing and accessories.
Talana Gamah & Ieish - Fab custom corsets, clothing, accessories, masks and more with a fetish twist.
Trash-n-Vaudeville- One of the seminal punk and goth stores of New York City
Unbroken Designs-Original British fashion Corsets. We design and create one of a kind soft body corsets. We have ready to wear designs or you can have yours custom made your measurements your design.
Underbelly - Clothing, accessories, gloves, fans, features plus sizes
Urban Decay - Makeup, and tips.
Vampire Technology - Fetish clothing & accessories.
Vampirella fetish fashion - the best of european fetish designers.
The Valkyrie's Haunt - Fashion & BDSM resources.
Varney's Vampire Store-Gothic & alternative Jewellery, T-Shirts, Clothing, Footwear, Personal Accessories, Gifts, Printed Products & Metal Band merchandise. Approved Alchemy Gothic retailer.
Vekzar - Fetishy chain and metal accessoies.
Ver Unica - Vintage clothing, specializing in "one of a kind" items, collectibles, and designer labels.
Vermillion Gates - Gothic/renaissance women's clothing & accessories
Versatile Fashions - Corsets, gloves and fetish.
Victoria Costumiere - Victorian inspired clothing.
Victorian Gothic Couture - sells gothic inspired clothing for men and women.
Victoriana - Clothes, books, home decor, everything you need you a Victorian lifestyle.
Visabella Mythic Clothing Catalog - Timeless designs for men and women in silks and velvets.
Vitriola - deviant arts and crafts projects, including DIY fetish fashion!
Webers Holland-local fashion designer shop in Amsterdam. Avant-garde, gothic, fetish; sensual and original design for strippers, dancers, artists and parties. By Désirée Webers; since 1995. cyber, lolita, raver, and anime/manga style clothing.
When Gothic Eyes are Moping - Some ideas of what to do with eyeliner.
X20-Punk-rock clothing, boots (Dr.Martens/Rangers/Steel/Tredair/TUK/Converse), CDs, vinyls (punk77/punk-rock/hardcore/metal), accessories, t-shirts (online sale)
Xtra Underground-The shop for Gothic, Fetish, Wave, Dark-Metal and CyberRock-Fashion
Yosa's Silks & Velvets - Corsets, ren faire, and other goodies
Zuss Fashion Design - Eye-catching recycled rubber clothing for people up front, on stage and beyond.
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