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Inferiority Comics
The Official Rocky Horror Picture Show Fan Club Web Site
The Official Fan Club.
Back Slash's Rocky Page
A collection of sites, information, files, and the largest collection of Rocky parody songs and scripts.
Charles Atlas Club - Japanese Fan Club
Hi, dear friends. My name is Kei. I'm a leader of Japanese Rocky Horror Fan club "Osaka Japan". Thank you for your e-mail but, English is too difficult for me.
Cosmo's Factory
Jim "Cosmo" Hetzer presents the largest Rocky Horror site on the Net. Pictures, sounds, scripts, links, a database of fans, chat room, and more!
The Internet Movie Database - The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Everything you want to know about The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Leila's RHPS Actors Link Page
Links to all of the individual Actors / Actresses web pages from Rocky and Shocky.
Link Those Lips - Leila's RHPS Page
The largest collection of RHPS and related links on the World Wide Web.
The Musical World of Rocky Horror
Shawn McHorse's everything you could possibly want to know about the many Rocky Horror related albums that have been released on CD and vinyl.
Palace of Darkness - The Official German Rocky Horror Fan Club
The page for which all Creatures of the Night and their supporters have waited so long. Finally the German Fan Club exists again, and not just on the Internet.
RHPS Fishnet
Your source for RHPS news, links, and information.
Riff Rag's Rocky Horror Home
Rocky Horror Newsletter Archive, song chords, RH-related novel, RH fonts, icons, alert sounds, screensaver, trivia game for Mac and more.
The Rocky Horror Network
"Welcome To The Best Rocky Horror Website Ever!"
Formerly "The Lab"
The Official Fox Web Site. Here you can get pictures, video clips and audio clips of your favorite characters. Plus you can send postcards via email from the Time Warp Post Office!
TimeWarp - The Official UK Rocky Horror Fan Club
TimeWarp is the OFFICIAL UK Rocky Horror Fan Club for fans of Stage and Screen Shows.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show Webring
Submit your site here. A continuous chain link of Rocky Horror related sites on the internet.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show Webring listing
The list of all the sites is here. A continuous chain link of Rocky Horror related sites on the internet.
Zenin's Rocky Horror Picture Show Archive!
The oldest Rocky Horror on the Net. Pictures, sounds, current event polls, interactive links, and more!
Essays, picture galleries and fan art.
Hello To Oblivion
Photo gallery, news, a purity test, common-sense advice and much more.
Kim McFarland's RHPS Page
Drawings of cartoons as Rocky characters.
Rocky Horror Picture Show message boards at the Gutter Goths & Glamour Punks forum
'The Master's Lab'
"Dont Dream It, Surf It!"
Rocky Horror novel excerpts and ordering info.
An online RHPS script with graphics and sounds.
Download the Trailer for TRHPS in Apple Quicktime Movie format.
Rare Rocky Horror Photo of The Week
Larry Viezel gives you the Rare Rocky Horror picture every week!
Scabtree's Rocky Horror Outlet
Links to other pages, a chat room, pictures, info, moving icons, and more.
The Transylvanian Cafe
News and Information on Rocky c/o James Norman.
A collection of misc. Rocky references you probably will not find anywhere else.