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Absolutely Fabulous
Brini Maxwell-dynamo TV hostess.
Carol's Spare Closet
Christian Crossdresser's Confession
Club Creatures
Developing a Female voice
Didi Delicious
The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers
Glorya Whole-A Drag Queen's Guide To Etiquette, Beauty Secrets, Glamour And Style
The House Of Diabolique
Lipstick Librarian Your alternative source for obscure indie cult films. Horror, kung-fu action, Sci-fi, exploitation, zombies and nuns with guns!
RuPaul's House Of Love
Tiffany's TG Tower-transgendered Glamour Shots
Trudy's Trailer
The Vicious Kitten Fun House
Barefoot Contessa - quirky combo of irreverent horoscopes, the Contessa's diary and fashion items... kind of Doris Day meets riot grrrl
The Weird Site - weird sites, facts, news- The finest place on the Web if you like Weird Sites
Zenzibar Alternative Culture- directory of alternatives to mainstream culture
Fashion Alley - A Place where Fashion, Trends and Style Resides
Bathtubgirl- Rub a dub dub come check out my tub. This site features DV shorts, animations, live Venice Beach webcasts, and an online store. The productions are created by Bathtubgirl and her co-host, Dirtygirl. Sexy! women and music...maybe some beer, sports like fooseball, more beer, better music, hot women, cars, food... did we say hot women yet?! -devoted to the underground hotrod girlie monster art of Los Angeles artist COOP

Flix & Related
Andy Warhol Superstars-Candy Darling an Andy Warhol actress and gender-bender.
Too Hot To Handle-The films of Jayne Mansfield, bio, songs, pix, links and more
Jayne Mansfield Online Fan Club
Mary Woronov-A star in the world of cult movies
Pink Flamingos-Cult Classic!
Planet Of The Gods-Fantasy novel about the Seven Seals
Ronnie Cramers Cult Film Site
Russ-Meyer - Official Site
Sinners and Saints The official Sinners And Saints movie website.
Shrapnel Films
Unofficial Tank Girl siteeveryone's favourite punkster chick.
Valley Of The Dolls - Official Site

Star Star

Star Star's
Love Drag Years

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